People in Andaman and nicobar islands

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands people are grouped into tribes. These people are living in the group of islands in the Indian Ocean and the Union Territory of the Republic of India. The population of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands people was 356,152 as per the 2001 Census of India. The tribes are the indigenous ones. Some tribes have lived here since centuries. Though some of the tribes here are quite friendly and mingle with the outside people, some are quite against the visitors. The tourist should be aware of the regions marked as "No Visit Zones". The tribes prefer they not have tourists visiting in the Islands. However, the tribes are now slowly becoming friendly with the outside world.


Andaman and Nicobar Islands People are grouped into four Tribes as follows:

Great Andamanese


In the 18th century, before the establishment of penal settlements in Andaman Islands, the population of the Great Andamanese tribes was largest among all the tribes. With due course of time, the population reduced by 40 percent in the 20th century. Their traditional foods include fish, dugong, turtles and their eggs, crabs, and tubers. They also go for hunting and fishing occasionally.




Onges are one of the historical primitive tribes in India. They are a small part of Negrito race. The tribes are among the semi-nomadic tribes and are totally dependent on the food provided by the nature. The Onges go for hunting sometimes. The tribes are however provided with pucca houses by the administration. They are also provided with medicines, food and clothes. The issue of concern is the decline in their numbers. These tribes are decreasing and in the year 2010 you can see just 100 Onges are left.




The Jawaras are the friendly tribes in the list of Andaman and Nicobar Islands people. They are hostile in nature. These people had a landmark time in the first quarter of the year 1974. The Administration had a friendly conversation with the Jawaras and gave to these tribes various fruits as gifts. Now, they are coming out of jungles. These tribes have a population of 280 at present.




These are the inhabitants of North Sentinel Island. They too are hostile to outsiders. The Administration is trying to have friendly contacts with these tribes too. They too are given gifts by the administration. These Andaman and Nicobar Islands people are left with less then 100 at present.

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