Things to do in Alibaug

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A reason to unwind and go footloose... In India, a hunting platform on a tree during shikar (i.e. hunting) is known as 'Machan'. It is an alternative to the traditional tree stand. A unique resort ‘Nirmal Cottages’ offers you a ‘Machan’ where you can relax and enjoy your cup of tea in the privacy of heights. A family resort (Nirmal Cottages), which has a unique accommodation facility of most comfortable and independent cottages, giving you utmost privacy and comfort. The garden and lots of greenery around, refreshes and revitalizes you. The resort also offers you a large Swimming Pool to un-strain yourself. A stretched lawn with a variety of plants for all the nature lovers. It also comprises of a play area with Slide, Swings, Satellite Climber and See-saws for children to play outdoor. Nonetheless a game room also filled with indoor games such as Foosball table, Table tennis, Carrom, Dart board, Basket ball ring, Trampoline, Chess, Cards etc
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