Practical Information in Bhutan

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The national currency of Bhutan is the Ngultrum (Nu.) valued at par with the Indian Rupee, which is also used in the country. As of midyear 2004, the Ngultrum's exchange value hung at about Nu. 45 to the US Dollar.
Visa and American Express credit cards are accepted in few places but have a limited use and most businesses will add 7% to the cost of the merchandise. It is said that travellers cheques as well as US and Hong Kong Dollars, Pound Sterling, French and Swiss Francs, Euro, and Japanese Yen can be exchanged at local banks and at most hotels but often this in not the case. US Currency or Indian Ruppees are the only sure bets. Ngultrum is useless outside of Bhutan so don't change more than you need.
Though Indian Rs work, remember not to carry denominations more than Rs 100/- as they are not accepted at most locations.

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The local currency is the Bhutan Ngultrum (BTN)

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