Getting Around in Bhutan

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Beautiful paro Dzong

Beautiful paro Dzong

Namgay Dorji

Travelling in Bhutan can be done either on foot or by road. Bhutan has neither domestic Air Service, nor railway. For some of the villages not connected by roads, the only mode of transport is by foot or using riding ponies.

Air Service within Bhutan won't be economically viable, and the railway almost technically impossible to build because of its rugged hills and mountains. Most of the roads in Bhutan cut along the sides of hills and mountains like the one shown in the picture on the right.

It is while travelling along these widing roads that you will enjoy some of the most beautiful natural sceneries in the world. Every winding has a surprise in store for you: a waterfall flowing, a flower blooming on the roadside undisturbed or a langur hanging playfully from a branch at the roadside tree. Normally, the passenger buses travel only at an average speed of about 30-40 km/hr. The roads are narrow, and the slopes are steep.

If you're on a normal tourist visa your tour operator will provide all your transport. If you're working on a government project or are an Indian national you will have to rely on public transport or you can hire a private car. There are no car hiring companies in Bhutan, so the only way to get it is from an individual owner, most probably through a travel agent.

If you are thinking of travelling by a public bus, be warned that public buses are crowded and rough and the winding roads make them very uncomfortable. But it may be a good experience and you can interact with the Bhutanese people.

The Tourism Authority of Bhutan is interested in promoting mountain biking in Bhutan and this would be a great way to explore especially around the Thimphu and Paro valleys. For the meantime taxis operate without meters. They have fixed rates between different areas within a locality, but it may be open to negotiation sometimes.

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