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night bazaar

night bazaar


Seated on the coast of Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar Nightlife has diversity only a seaport town can offer. Named after a British Indian Captain by the name of Cox, Cox’s Bazar has the world’s longest natural stretch of beach. The city is becoming a rising hot spot for tourists throughout Asia who long for beautiful beaches and plenty of sun. With a very quiet nightlife, the main attraction for the town is the beach. Along the coastline are numerous restaurants and hotels with high excitement and many thrills. The surrounding islands not to far from the coast, such as Inani and Saint Martin’s, also offer an array of things to do. They have daily boats that travel back and forth to the islands at an affordable rate, some of which catered by the hotels.

Beach Fun and Excitement

When you travel to the nearby islands, you will find many boutiques and eateries that serve fresh seafood daily. For a romantic evening, you can have a picnic on the Isle of Saint Martin, enjoy the plentiful seafood dishes made by the local restaurants or watch the sunset. Another great spot for a picnic is Himchari, just a few miles south of Cox’s Bazar, which is famous for its waterfalls and the many birds and other animals that roam through the land.

When the night settles and the remains of daylight have faded away, you have a front row seat to the animals of the night. For the children, they can watch as the sea turtles swim to the shore to build nests and lay their eggs. All the while, the couple can enjoy the warm breeze of the night, the soothing sounds of the tumbling waves and the different shades of the moon in the water.

Water Fun and Games

Just about any time of the week, one can rent a boat and cruise along the coastline. A common travel spot for cruisers is Rangamati. There are many attractions throughout the isle, the most famous being Kaptai Lake. Kaptai Lake is man-made, surrounded by high hilltops which overlook the near by islands and offer an escape from the city and many people.

Another fun attraction for locals and travelers is the annual surf competition. They have a local surf club that sponsors and coordinates the event. They welcome all to enter and have lots of food and games for everyone in the family.

Cox Bazar is a wonderful place for everyone in the family to have a good time.


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Night life in Cox'sBazar

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Maximum tourist thinks that Bangladesh is a very strict place for enjoys the nightlife. It's not open just like Bangkok, Singapore or some other destinations, but not rare. If you want to looking for bar then you can get some bar in different places in Cox'sBazar. Such as Hotel Seagull, Sea Palace and some others. Tourist can also get local made drinks.  Nightclub and Spa facility not available in Cox'sBazar, DJ is available inside Hotel some special days. Young, sexy, romantic girls are available in all over city, but at first you need proper information and more..

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