Cox's bazar Travel Guide

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Near the border with Myanmar, this town is noted for 1 of the world’s longest and least-crowded beaches—an incredible 121 km in length! The best time to visit the beach is at sunrise and sunset when the sand changes colors. Enjoy water-related activities, shop for handmade clothes, relax and enjoy the scenery.

Cox's bazar is very quickly becoming a well-visited tourist spot for Bangladesh and during the months of September and October the beach can get very crowded. Usually hotel walk-ins are almost hard to find, especially the ones which are closest to the beach.

Farther down south from the town are other parts of the beaches which are not well known to tourists. Here you can go early in the morning and see the fishermen coming back with a morning catch as the sun rises by the horizon.

Despite its increasing commercialism, Coxs Bazar is a great place to visit.  If you are a foreigner, everyone will want to talk to you and have their picture taken with you, which may be a bit annoying, but at least it is a way to get to talk to and meet local people.

Hotels south of the town, although more 'touristy', are quieter and nearer to the emptier parts of the beach. 

A favorite activity in Cox's Bazar is watching the sun set. You will see many people watching because it is lovely and a good time for photos.

Cox's Bazar has lots of tourist accommodations of different types--hotels, motels, guest housees, facilities for backpackers and some five-star facilities, also.

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