South Asia Travel Guide

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Ulter Peak Hunza

Ulter Peak Hunza

Zahid Latif

The South Asia travel guide encompasses an area which stretches from the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean. Tropical islands such as the Maldives also form part of the region. Countries situated in South Asia include Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. South Asia is densely populated and has been the site for political conflict. Each country is unique and boasts a variety of attractions, making this a fascinating region to visit. The diversity of the area reflects both extreme poverty and astounding beauty.


The majority of South Asia has a tropical climate. Monsoon season generally falls in summer. Winters usually have a low rainfall. As this is a diverse region there are differences in climatic conditions from country to country. The Himalayas have a completely different climate to the rest of the region. Visiting the Himalayas during summer offers a respite from the heat.


There is a diverse range of languages and India, in particular, has many different languages. Hindi and Urdu are spoken by many people. Most well-educated people speak English. It is possible to get by with English in most big cities and tourist areas.


With so many things to do in South Asia there is no time to be bored. In India a popular activity is to go trekking in the Himalayas. Camel safaris are a good way to explore the desert and enjoy an experience of a life time. For peace and quite visit a meditation center or ashram in India. Goa boasts a famous nightlife and party lovers flock to Goa from all over the world. The beautiful beaches are the perfect backdrop for parties. In Pakistan there are magnificent mosques that are must sees when touring the region. The mosques are not only beautiful buildings with historical significance but they also offer insight into the culture of Pakistan. White river rafting, canoeing and water sports are other activities that tourists can enjoy in Pakistan. Skiing is possible and the Karakoram Range has skiing resorts. In Nepal you can buy Tibetan crafts from Bodnath Stupa. It is also possible to hire a hot air balloon or to go hang-gliding. The conditions in the area are good for rafting and there are rafting facilities.

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