Nightlife and Entertainment in Tuguegarao City

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Tuguegarao City nightlife is best suited for the chilled out eco-tourist most likely to be visiting the area for its caves and outdoor activities, rather than for its nightlife. The city may be great for tourists looking to use it as a base for travel in the Philippines, but there is little by way of nightclubs, bars and pubs, at least by the standards of larger cities in the area. Tuguegarao City nightlife does have other redeeming features though.


Tuguegarao offers many fine restaurants serving the best in Filipino cuisine. “Gretchen’s”, a cosy spot at 51 Magallenes St, does a fine “Pancit Batal Patung” and is highly recommended. On the Pengue Highway into the city, “Kusina Cagayana” is one of the better known Tuguegarao eateries despite its erratic opening times. The numerous hotels have their own restaurants open to guests and residents alike.


Nightlife is obviously much better over festival periods in the city, with tourists and locals reveling together. The one to watch out for is the Pav-vurulun Festival, the festival of “oneness and belonging”. The positive message of the festival, combined with events such as beauty pageants and parades, creates a carnival-like atmosphere throughout Tuguegarao, with partying in the streets continuing well into the night. It is held annually from August 10-17.

Jeepneys and Scooters

If cruising the city by night is your thing, the best way to do it is undoubtedly by “jeepney”, or horse-drawn cart. These rustic-type taxi services run throughout the city. If you’d prefer something a bit zippier, there are open-box tricycle scooters. Head downtown and have a look at local amusements and the bustle of this clean, safe and friendly city.


One notable nightspot is “The Bali Leisure Club” and “The Port Bar and Grill” (on one premises). It claims to be a “hidden hotspot” in Tuguegarao, yet it covers every aspect of a night’s entertainment in the city. Located on Pallau Road, it is a restaurant with a rooftop deck, cocktails, drinks, great views and more. It is also a nightclub which occasionally hosts live music. The talent is usually local, although it has been known to have guest artists from abroad.

This fine Filipino city doesn’t have the most “typical” Tuguegarao City nightlife experience. The emphasis is more on dining, sightseeing and culture, yet for that, the charm is greater.

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