Hotels in Tuguegarao City

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Tuguegarao City hotels provide an excellent choice for tourists who visit this place. Tuguegarao City is popular for its churches and festivals. It is located in the Cagayan Valley and is nestled between three great geographic landmarks such as the Sierra Madre, Cordilleras and Caraballo Mountains. Here are some of the best hotels where you can stay in Tuguegarao City.

Ivory Hotel and Suites

Located in the heart of the city, this hotel has modest rooms complete with modern interiors. The hotel rooms are equipped with air conditioning units, private phone lines and cable TV. The hotel also has its own restaurant, bistro and an adequately-sized pool with a lifeguard, making it a perfect hotel for families traveling in this foreign city. An ordinary room without air-conditioning costs $10, while air-conditioned rooms range from $25 to $75.

Villa Blanca Hotel

The hotel staffs in Villa Blanca Hotel are very accommodating. Hotel rooms are spacious and equipped with basic necessities such as a hot and cold shower, private bathroom, phone lines, air-conditioning units and cable TV. What is great about this hotel is that the price of the rooms is less expensive than that of the average hotel room. Standard rooms cost $15 while suites and more spacious rooms with bathtub or Jacuzzi, cost $80.

Casa Carag

The hotel offers clean and homey rooms. The rooms lack the basic necessities other hotels in the city offer. In fact, the hotel does not have any TV, air-conditioning units, bar or swimming pool. However, this hotel is preferred by back packers as this hotel is a jump-off point for tourists who want to do white water rafting, kayaking and spelunking in the Cagayan Valley.

Hotel Candice

Hotel Candice provides cheap accommodation. Located in the heart of the city, the hotel is situated near shopping malls, parks and other buildings. It is also near the historical St. Peter’s and Paul’s Cathedral where tourists also visit. The hotel rooms are all equipped with the basic necessities such as cable TV, air-conditioning units, personal refrigerators and a private phone line. Moreover, all rooms have access to Wi-Fi connection.  The room rates start from $15, a standard room with single-sized bed, to $80 which has a double bed.

Hotel Carmelita

Hotel Carmelita is located in the heart of Tuguegarao City and is near important sites in the city such as the cathedrals and shopping malls. The hotel is perfect for budget travelers yet all the rooms are equipped with TV, air conditioning units and phone lines. The room rates cost from $12 to $80.

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