Beaches in Tacloban City

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Tacloban is popular for its historic landmarks and its handicraft works. However, it should be noted that Tacloban City Beaches too have lots to offer. Tacloban boasts of five principal beaches that are regularly visited by foreign travelers. Many of these beaches have rather simple names, each named after a basic, color-shade. Further, each of these beaches has something unique to offer. While some beaches adjoin busy, commercialized zones, others are known for their tranquil environment. The best of Tacloban City Beaches, includes:

Blue Beach

This beach is commonly referred to as the Dulag Beach. This beach has a historic tale to tell besides mesmerizing visitors with its scenic beauty. The name ‘Blue Beach’ was coined by some American soldiers who descended here during World War II. The other name, ‘Dulag’ stems from the fact that is located in a small province of the same name. Some sections of the beachfront are reserved for private parties. Overall, the beach is very well-maintained. The evening time is ideally suited for those searching for peaceful surroundings. This is also the time to view the much talked-about sunset.

White Beach

This beach is more popular for the wide range of sporting activities that it offers. Located along the south border of Barangay San Jose, the White Beach is the main center for professional diving courses in Tacloban. The premises are excellent in terms of hygiene and the professionalism of the instructors. Children can join small training camps to get acquainted with the basics of aqua-sports. Visitors can also hire a boat-ride to catch a glimpse of the smaller, some uninhabited, islands. The White Beach should be understood as the typical, picnic-type, beach location—ideally suited for family visits.

Red Beach

This is among the first beaches in Leyte that was visited by foreign travelers searching for a serene spot away from the usual buzz of Manila. Historically, this beach is often mentioned in Philippine’s history of the Second World War. This is because the Red Beach served as a safe landing spot for the Allied Forces fighting in Asia.

Tacloban Public Beach

Visitors should visit this beach if the weekend rush doesn’t bother. Due to its easily-accessible location, this beach is frequented by the natives too. This is probably the best place to interact with the locals in Tacloban.

Mahaba Beach

The Mahaba beach is located on the outskirts of Tacloban—about 130 km from the city’s city hall. The Mahaba is actually a part of the neighboring Cuatros Islas. It has evolved into a famous diving spot. In fact, it is often used as a training site by professional divers. The beach is surrounded by numerous islands. This is perhaps the most beautiful of Tacloban beaches, complete with multi-colored corals. Some of the nearby islands provide a rare view of the Camotes Sea.

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Sinapdan Island

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Situated on the idyllic San Juanico Strait is the island of Sinapdan. Embark on a 15-minute water ride via a Pump-boat (outrigger) from the city of Tacloban to the island of Sinapdan. Enjoy the clear waters and a great view of Tacloban City and San Juanico Bridge. From time to time, get a chance to take a glimpse of the nearly extinct pawikans and pagi (sting rays) whose habitat is the surrounding waters of Sinapdan. Cottage Rental Rates: P200 (daytime, 5am to 6pm), P300 (nighttime, 6:01pm to 4:59am ff day) Fare: P40/ head Entrance: P5 /head (Children below 5 y.o are more..

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tel: +639296716015
address: Sinapdan island, 6500 Tacloban City, Philippines