Shopping in Butuan

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While visiting Butuan, you might be interested in checking out the most popular Butuan shopping hot spots. There are several interesting things you can buy in Butuan.

Otis Metro Mall

This is one of the biggest shopping malls around the city. The Otis Metro Mall is located on JC Aquino Avenue in Libertad, right in the center of the city. The mall has a wide array of specialty shops and boutiques that sell trendy ready-made clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry and electronic gadgets. The Otis Metro Mall also houses food stalls, cafes, entertainment centers and cinemas. You can also buy some souvenirs to take home for your family and friends. The mall also hosts special events and has live band performances almost every night.

Gaisano Butuan

Gaisano Butuan Shopping Mall situated on JC Aquino Avenue. The mall is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the city that caters to local and tourists alike. It houses different shops and boutiques, banks, kids' recreational centers, toy shops, gift shops, fast food restaurants and cafés. The mall is a good place to buy local and branded clothes, shoes and bags. Remember to bargain to get the best price.

Madyaw Kadyaw

Give yourself a shopping treat by shopping at the popular Madyaw Kadyaw. Here you will find wide variety of locally made handicrafts, jewelry and other souvenir items. You might also be interested in buying some authentic native products like the Manobo costumes, hand-made jewelry and hand-woven textiles. Madyaw Kadyaw also has local delicacies from Butuan and its neighboring towns. The greatest thing here is that everything is reasonably priced and you can even get more discounts when you buy in bulk. Madyaw Kadyaw is located right in the heart of Butuan City.

Langihan Public Market

This is one of Butuan’s public markets where you can find diverse items like fruits, meats and almost everything else. The Langihan Public Market is situated on Satore Street in Butuan City. If you like Durian, you can pick it up here along with other fruits and vegetables. There’s also a particular section for meats, poultry, fish and seafood, as well as dry goods and souvenir items. This is the place where you will be able to find the cheapest and widest selection of handicrafts in Butuan.

Pasalubong Centers

Don’t forget to stop at some of the Pasalubongs around the city center of Butuan, as well as in major terminals. These centers are popular for local delicacies like puto, kutsinta, sweet buko candy, Durian-base sweets and Laksoy wines.

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