Eating Out in Sitiawan

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Tourists might think that Sitiawan Restaurants serve food that is simply average; however, once they taste the cuisine this Malaysian city has to offer, they will find themselves experiencing a whole new gastronomic experience.

Amu Coconut Villa

This place is located on Kampung Cina, a well known seafood lover's zone in town. The restaurant has delicious seafood dishes such as Deep-Fried Squid in house-made chili sauce, filled with small oysters. Another favorite dish here is the Honey Chicken, a dish made up of boneless chicken meat chunks drenched in sweet honey gravy. Finally, a vegetable dish of fried sweet potato leaves called Fan Shu Miu is another must-try at this restaurant.

Restaurant Makanan Laut Villa

Located on Kampung Cina Number 384, this place is on the opposite side of Amu Coconut Villa. These two restaurants are not only popular with the locals, but they are well loved by outsiders, too. One of the best dishes at Makanan Laut Villa is the Choy Tam stir-fried with carrots (a vegetable dish), the Marmite chicken, and the crispy Oh Chien Oyster Omelette. People will spend an average of only $4.00 USD per person at this restaurant.

Restaurant Bei King

This is one of the many Sitiawan Restaurants that are ideal for having an elegant dinner. Restaurant Bei King has been operating for more than 20 years. It serves authentic Foo Chow delicacies such as Sweet Sour Fish Maw soup. The restaurant is also available for wedding celebrations, and serves a la carte lunch and dinner entrees.

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Restaurant King Yew

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This is one of the famous Foo Chow restaurant in Sitiawan. It has been operating for more than 40 years. It serves traditional Foo Chow delicacies and you must try Red Wine Mee Sua, Sweet Sour Fish Maw Soup and fried oyster egg (oh chien). There is other dishes which are delicious too such as Signature Taufu Soup, sweet sour fish or pork and many more. It is worth to have a try the dishes of one of the oldest shop in Sitiawan!

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address:No. 36, Lorong Intan 1, Kampung Cina, 32000 Sitiawan, Perak

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