Getting Around in Kluang

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Kluang transportation services ensure that you have a reliable means of getting around as you tour the place. Kluang is the second largest town in central Johor, Malaysia.


Bus is the usual transportation utilized to get to the town. There are several buses that service the people, so you will have a great experience as you travel around the Kluang town. There is a daily schedule of buses from Kluang going to every part of Malaysia and Singapore. Some of the bus companies that travel in and out of Kluang are South Johore Bus, Cepat Express, Transnasional Express, S&S Express, Satria Express, KKKL Express, Mersing Omnibus, Rengam Bus, Johore Motor Bus, and Five Stars Tours.  


Car is the best mode of transportation for touring around Kluang. It is just a small town, so it is easy to move around the place.


Taxi is limited in town. You might find it difficult to get a taxi when you need one. The taxis in Kluang have working meters. On the other hand, there are drivers at times who will not use their meters. Instead, they will give you a fixed fare depending on your destination in Kluang. If this happens to you, you need to practice the art of bargaining. You should bid for a lower price that is fair to you and to the driver. Be sure that before you get in the taxi for a ride, you have arranged an agreed fare so that there will be no conflict.


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