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Islamabad is a peaceful and quiet city where people from different corners of Pakistan visit to relax and discover the amazing Islamabad Sights. Travelers love to travel around and see the beautiful landscape that Islamabad offers. It has become livelier especially during nighttime with shopping areas and new restaurants. Experience a noise-free Islamabad in a green, gorgeous setting.

Faisal Masjid

The Faisal Masjid is a remarkable landmark in Islamabad. It is a large mosque given by the King of Saudi Arabia, King Faisal. You can have your picture taken in this beautiful mosque and the night effects are fantastic. However, dress properly and act with respect since this is still a place of worship.

Lok Virsa Museum

Explore the beauty of this large museum with four blocks containing 25 galleries. The blocks linked by passages show the cultural links between Central Asia, China and Iran. The museum offers a variety of collections for everybody. The halls house different collections of costumes, woodwork, block printing, ivory and bone artworks and jewelry. On the other hand, the Heritage library has a large collection of art, music, history and interesting crafts from all over Pakistan. You can buy some souvenir books and audio tapes of classical music at the sales center inside the museum and if you are lucky, you can watch musical concerts and exhibitions here to celebrate Pakistan’s national events.

Saidpur Village

The local people of Islamabad are proud of this centuries-old village with its lush and serene beauty. The Saidpur Village found on the foot of Margallas Hills was restored to its former glory to become a tourist destination. This is a former Hindu village still known for their pottery. You can spend your time exploring the village and enjoy the local food delicacies available on food outlets around the village. Exhibits of various handicrafts and traditional art are regularly available to display Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage.


Murree is a popular tourist destination during summers. The place situated on a hill offers stunning views of the mountains. The weather is much nicer here compared to other towns in Islamabad and similar to Northern Europe’s climate. The mountain drive to Murree is a refreshing experience and you see amazing scenery. It is a nice place for mountain trekking, hiking and picnics for the family. A cable car is also available if you want to reach the Patriata top. You can also visit the Lawrence College and church here as well as the Kashmir point.


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