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Ipoh shopping is interesting and provides visitors a chance to buy both expensive and inexpensive items. Ipoh, which means “the city surrounded by the mountains,” offers street bazaars, night markets and shopping centers for its visitors to indulge in some serious shopping.

Royal Town Kuala Langsar

You might want to consider buying handicrafts like "tekat", a golden thread embroidery, batik and silk clothes at this place. You can watch local craftsmen and women at work here, weaving and making interesting handcrafted items. You will also be able to pick up some handicrafts that are made of seashells, bamboo carvings and earthenware.

Kinta City Shopping Center

Located in the north of Ipoh, the shops at the Kinta City Shopping Center feature more high-end brands like Guess, Omega and Esprit. Other goods found in this shopping center may be a little bit more costly than in other places. It has two levels of shops and has a wide concourse and wide corridors. The shopping center also includes special elevators and facilities for the physically challenged to be able to easily access the various shops. With Jaya Jusco as its flagship store, most items are on the expensive side.

Greentown Mall

Greentown Mall is located close to Jalan Hospital. The mall is one of the main places where you can pick up Malaysian clothes and religious items. Several Muslims and Malaysian women frequent this mall for the boutiques in it that specialize in Malaysian fashion. On its ground floor is the Uda Ocean, a supermarket that has a variety of basic everyday items. Its department store is kept up-to-date with the latest fashion and trends and household items, as well.

Ipoh Parade

Ipoh Parade is located at Jalan Sultan. On the ground floor of this mall you will find several shops selling high-end fashion, footwear and accessories. On the first floor, there are mostly lifestyle products and services. One interesting feature of this mall is the restaurants on the third floor. There are about 50 restaurants to choose from in addition to an entertainment area and bowling alley where you can enjoy yourself. The Pakson Department Store at this mall offers all kinds of apparel, household items, shoes and accessories.

The Giant

If you want to buy in large quantities, you can buy from this store located at Jalalan Sunway. The store offers discounts if you buy items like food, clothes and toys at wholesale and is the best place to shop for restaurant owners and retailers.

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