Hotels in Kaghan

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When looking for Kaghan Valley Hotels, you may find that there are many various options for where to stay. There are some hotels in Kaghan and Balakot, as well as some camping grounds here and there, the most notable of which being the camping site near the Saiful Muluk Lake. But you will probably find that the most suitable places are located in Shogran and Naran, with the latter having more than 100 hotels to choose from. It’s hard to judge which is better than the others, since all of them are 3-star category hotels, but here are a few that stand out.

Pine Park Hotel

Pine Park is said to be the best place to stay at Shogran. It is a 3-star hotel consisting of 55 rooms. The building is located right next to the pine forest, and is surrounded by beautiful gardens. There is also a nice mini-zoo that is worth checking out. Besides the standard rooms, you also have the option to rent a V.I.P Cottage or a Swiss Cottage.

Afaq Hotel

Another great hotel in Shogran is the Afaq Hotel. The earthquake in 2005 destroyed many buildings in the region, so certain measures were taken, and Afaq was built earthquake-proof. It is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a safe place with nice rooms at normal prices and beautiful panorama.

Royal Hotel

Royal Hotel is one of the better hotels in Naran, very good-looking and well maintained. It offers single and family rooms, equipped just like a regular 3-star hotel room should be. The hotel has a convenient car park and a nice restaurant. It may be a good idea to make a reservation, since the rooms get booked quickly in this one.

PTDC Motel

PTDC stands for Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation. The PTDC has a large network of motels all around the country, and one of them is the PTDC Motel in Naran. It’s a nice place to stay at, and offers an exceptionally prepared trout dish in its restaurant that people tend to rave about. Visitors looking for something more luxurious can rent one of the three V.I.P. Cottages. The Cottages are especially suitable for families.

Naran Budget Hotels

Besides the above-mentioned few, there are more than 100 other different hotels in Naran. If you’re on a tighter budget, you may want to consider staying at one of these: Frontier, Kohitoor, Kunhar View, Paradise Inn, Sarhad and many more. Keep in mind that there may be a significant difference in the living conditions, and you may experience some unpleasant surprises.