Shopping in Taipei

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Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan and one of the most vibrant cities in the country. Taipei Shopping is as diverse as Taiwan and mainland China. People visiting the city can shop at the open-air bazaars, boutiques or Western-style shopping malls.

Shilin Night Market

The Shilin Night Market is centrally located in the Shilin district of the city next to the Jiantran Station. This market started in 1930s and is a barometer for the city. Taipei’s fortunes and losses are reflected by the activity in this marketplace. For travelers this market is considered a must-see. People coming here get a chance to interact with residents of the city and get a dose of Taiwanese culture. Like the name suggests, this market is open exclusively in the evening. The shopkeepers in the market open their businesses at 4:00 to attract families coming home from work and school and then operate until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. One of the most popular markets in the city, people can buy food, clothes and souvenirs. For people on a limited budget this market provides a great selection of local groceries. The market is divided into two parts--an eatery section near the Jiantran Station and the other non-food vendors surrounding the station. 

Taipei Underground Market

The Taipei Underground Market is another market that is marked as a must-see for tourists. This marketplace opened in 2000 as a replacement for the torn-down Chunghwa Market. A combination of Western market and traditional market place, this market is accessible through the Taipei Main Station and is becoming one of the most popular bazaars in the country. There are 187 stores in this underground ground market. Shoppers will find everything from Cuban cigars to handmade toys to imported coffee. For gourmets, the Taipei Underground market is especially popular for all the imported food and wines sold here. This market also works effectively as a meeting place for business travelers as there are several meeting areas. People coming to this market can enjoy a cup of coffee and enjoy the modern décor while shopping.

Guang Hua Digital Plaza

The Guang Hua Digital Plaza originally started as book market in 1973. In fact Guang Hua was named “Old Book Plaza.” Since that time this area, while still selling books, has been the foremost place to purchase digital technology in Taiwan. The original market was located in 1992 as the city was restoring the area. The current home of Guang Hua is a building located by Jinshan Road. The first two stories contain the electronic stories that sell the latest in digital technology. People entering the stores will be amazed with the selection of computers, MP3 players and other digital devices. This is especially convenient for business or leisure travelers whose laptops might have crashed. The upper levels contain the book stores that made Guang Hua famous. People coming to the market will be impressed by the mixture of tradition and modern fixtures.  


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