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The lighthouse

The lighthouse

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Kenting offers beaches, great seafood and hiking in a national park, and this Kenting Travel Guide tells you how to find the best places to explore. Located in the most southern part of Taiwan, Kenting is a welcoming holiday destination for all types of travelers, from families to independent travelers or couples.

There are beautiful white sandy beaches to sunbathe on, limestone cliffs, tropical forests and mountain scenery, and the area offers excellent opportunities for water sports, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking and cycling through forests and meadows.

Swimming and Scuba Diving

There is something in Kenting for everyone. You can lie on the beach, swim in clear waters or try scuba diving or other water sports. The sandy beaches in Basiha invite visitors to sunbathe and swim, and camping is possible here, too. To see the colorful marine life in the blue waters, rent snorkeling equipment and start exploring, or take a trip from the Houbihu Yacht Harbor on a glass-bottom boat and admire the abundance of tropical fish and other ocean life.

On South Bay Beach visitors can rent a speed boat or a water scooter to explore the waters at their own pace, and if you are interested in scuba diving but have never tried it before, scuba diving and swimming courses are offered to beginners. And when you need a break from frolicking in the water, head to the Frog Rock viewpoint and admire the ocean views.

Explore Kenting National Park

Kenting National Park is home to tropical forests, meadows, mountains and seaside cliffs and is a perfect place to hire a bicycle and explore nature. Its more than 59 hectares of parkland is divided into two parts by the Hengchun Longitudal Valley Plain. On one side there are sea cliffs and views, on the other side is the stunning Lake Longlyuantan, surrounded by forest covered mountains. The Eluanbi Lighthouse offers a stunning view over the National Park.

Dining Out by the Beach

Lovers of seafood will find plenty to enjoy here: restaurants and food stalls offer mouth-watering fresh fish, shrimp, sushi, sashimi, and local delicacies that invite visitors to try the more exotic side of Taiwanese cuisine.

Shopping at the Nightmarket

Shopaholics should head to the buzzing night market on Kenting Street. This busy and vibrant night market is the perfect place to look for some good deals in clothes and to shop until late in the evening. The shops around the South Bay Beach offer more opportunities for some retail therapy.


Tucked away in the southernmost point of Taiwan lies Kenting, a vibrant area which captivates visitors with its ethereal coastal landscape.  Not only is this seaside settlement a haven for lovers of the sun and sand but even for those whose idea of a good time involves keeping your feet out of the water!

Visitors can swim in the serene water of the golden or the sun dive into the ocean while sitting on Frog Rock.  You can also star gaze while camping out in front of a cozy bonfire at Baishawan, or immerse yourself in the azure blue water while scuba diving at the yacht harbor of Houbihu.

Kenting is an undiscovered bastion of leisure and fun and offers several activities to enthrall travelers of all ages.

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