Getting Around in Taiwan

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Getting Around Taiwan

Located off the coast of southeastern Mainland China, Taiwan is an island of about 36,000 square kilometers (13,900 square miles) and is home to over 23 million people. Given its large population density, there are several options for Taiwan transportation. The 2 most common ways to get around Taiwan are by bus and by train.

Getting Around by Train

If you want to get from the north to the south of the island in the least amount of time, it is a good idea to use the Taiwan High-Speed Rail. Offering stops north in Taipei all the way south in Zuoying, you will save a lot of time. This high-speed bullet train covers the 345 kilometers (215 miles) route on the West Coast in 90 minutes. Besides the Taiwan High-Speed Rail, there are the regular trains run by the Taiwan Railway Administration. While this second set of trains is slower, you can conveniently book their tickets online.

Getting Around by Bus

Bus transportation around big cities is surprisingly expensive. Intercity buses are called keyun, while buses that travel in rural areas or between cities are called gonche. There are both private and state bus companies. Most of the private bus companies compete by offering amenities such as wider seats, tables and individual video screens. Be aware that in some buses you pay upon boarding the bus, while in others while you exit the bus. When in doubt, just let a local pay first.


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