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Best of Taiwan Cruises

Visitors to Taiwan can be overwhelmed by the vast number Taiwan cruises. This is mainly because of Taiwan’s unique geographical location near many popular travel destinations, including coastal cities of China, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Towards the northeastern part of Taiwan are some of Japan’s lesser-known islands. These islands also serve as the perfect cruise option, presenting a unique blend of exotic landscapes and adventurous locales. Among these islands, Yonaguni has gained the reputation of being the most mystic.

Reaching Yonaguni

Yonaguni is located about 125 kilometers from the eastern coast of Taiwan. Yonaguni is a remote island and devoid of a commuting network. Visitors need to plan their cruise to Yonaguni. This means booking a trip at least a week in advance. Most of cruises are aboard small rustic ferries which do not provide luxury facilities. This this adds to the overall rustic charm of a Yonaguni cruise. Within Yonaguni, there are some local buses and taxis to explore the island’s landscape. However, visitors should be prepared for lots of walking.

Exploring Yonaguni

This island forms the western-most edge of Japan’s islands. It is an adventurer’s paradise, and little is known about its history. The emphasis is upon self-exploring the island. Yonaguni offers undulating capes, steep cliffs and beaches to its visitors. Famous sights here include the mysterious Underwater Ruins that appear like underwater staircases. The origins of these ruins are still being investigated. In some Japanese villages, visiting Yonaguni is looked upon as a bad omen, primarily due to the obscurity of the island’s native inhabitants and a series of unexplored, daunting cliffs.

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