Beaches in Taiwan

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Taiwan is large island off the coast of China.  Taiwan Beaches are famous for the quality of the water and coast. Visitors to this beautiful island can indulge in water sports and get a taste of China.

Fulung Beach

Fulung Beach is the most popular beach in Taiwan which is located in the northeast. The beach has a campground called the Longmen for tourists who would camp on the beach. Fulung is the popular among both locals and visitors. The beach is at risk for erosion so the army works to restore the beach each year. The Shuangh River feeds into the beach. Fulung also has a lagoon in the back of the beach. The beach is decorated with parasols and deck chairs for tourists. The Fulung experience is one that will last a lifetime.

Chinshan Beach

While Fulung is the most popular, Chinshan Beach is arguably the best beach in the Taiwan. Chinshan, also known as Jinshan Beach, is located in the northwest part of the country. This area is a stretch of beach that surfers love to use. In addition to a stunning beach with a background of grassy knolls, this area has hot water springs. There is a cliff on the shoreline where people can get a spectacular view of the ocean and surrounding countryside. There is a number of resorts nearby to accommodate visitors who would like to stay overnight. The beach is also central to transportation with the train and bus routes.

Green Bay Beach

Green Bay Beach is the ideal beach for the sports enthusiast. Visitors can enjoy the traditional water sports like surfing but for an extra fee, he or she can enjoy paragliding. The Howard Beach Resort in Green Bay has instructors who give paragliding lessons. One of the special things about Green Bay is the cliffs surrounding the area. The paragliding lessons take place there and are sure to give the student a thrill.

White Sand Beach

A smaller beach off the beaten path, White Sand Beach is on the north coast by Tamshui. The beach is noted for having a fantastic view of the China Sea. White Sand is not a heavily populated beach but tourists will have no problem finding a place to relax on the beach. Amateur fisherman can find shellfish on the beach to eat. During a sunset the visitor can watch the sun light up the pink coral.  

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