Red Mango

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Red Mango Seongnamdong.

Red Mango Seongnamdong.

James Saunders

"Start loving myself!" read the slogan daubed onto the wall and downstairs, outside, the oppressive heat of the Korean summer continued its unrelenting assault. Gently nudging the glass door open in front of me an oasis of calm and coolness flowed outwards - "Red Mango is the space where people and nature become one in harmony."

Yet beneath the fancy rhetoric and self-help slogans, the door that I had opened revealed a low fat natural yoghurt eatery. "It is not ice-cream. Red Mango is fruit yoghurt," another slogan preached and according to their menu this yoghurt improves our digestive and immune systems while at the same time safeguarding against unwanted constipation. I was sold.

With this information in hand I chose my portion size and toppings. Kiwi, Watermelon, Corn-frost (admittedly not healthy), Strawberry Syrup (again not healthy) and Coco Balls (even further, not healthy). Plumping myself down in one of the chairs, I eagerly tasted the creation in front of me and was not disappointed with the choice. My tongue was bombarded with a number of tastes and textures - each one different and delicious as the last.

These tastes and textures are available year round as the menu stays relatively the same, except for some toppings, which are rotated in and out. Popular toppings such as Strawberry Syrup, Kiwi, Blueberry, and Pineapple however, never change due to high customer demand.

The prices for this yoghurt aren't that cheap though - expect to spend upwards of W7,000 - W10,000 on something satisfying (the small portions just don't cut it, especially when sharing). Toppings cost an extra W1,000 on the base price of the yoghurt too. There are Bagel's (Plain, Onion, Cinnamon, Whole Wheat) for W1,500 with cream cheese an extra W500. Drinks include the usual caffeinated suspects: Americano, Latte, Mocha, Cappuccino, Green tea latte and Chai tea latte. All at a reasonable W3,000.

While enjoying the yoghurt, enjoy the ambience too. It is non-offensive and extremely easy on the eyes, a collage of pastel greens, oranges and whites. Smooth, melodic music plays in the background that further complements the relaxing atmosphere.

There is something likable about the Red Mango set-up. I didn't get "the yummiest fruit yoghurt in the world," or anything close to what the slogans promised from a visit, but I did get something else instead: a tasty, low fat yoghurt and a chance to take some time out from the city centre. As an added bonus there was a refreshing break from the heat and humidity of an Ulsan summer. And that is what makes Red Mango a little bit special.

Getting there

In Seongnamdong Red Mango is located above the Maru, Missoni and Mono clothing stores on the main, covered, retail street. In Mugeodong? There's a Red Mango right next to the Dunkin' Donuts opposite the main entrance to Ulsan University.

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