Getting Around in Seoul

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There are plenty of options for making your way around the sprawling city of Seoul. Whether you choose to use the metro, city buses or taxis, you're sure to find getting around Seoul an easy and inexpensive process.


Seoul's subway system is incredibly efficient and by far the least expensive way to get around. You'll find that trips range between 1000 and 2000 KRW each, but if you purchase a re-loadable T-Money card you can save about 200 KRW each trip. Route maps are located at every ticket counter, and handy ticket machines allow travelers to bypass the ticket line.


The second best option as far as pricing is concerned is the city bus system. To get from place to place on the bus will usually cost about the same as the metro but the drawback is that you may find yourself waiting a bit longer for the bus than you would for a train. Bus stations are clearly marked and drivers will answer questions regarding whether or not the bus is going to a specific destination. Buses are now accepting the T-Money card for payment, making travel easier for the tourist.


Using a taxi sacrifices cost for convenience. Typically, expect to pay between 5000 KRW and 70000 KRW, depending upon destination. Some taxis offer the use of T-Money cards and some accept credit cards--but most do not. Black taxis, considered luxury transportation, are always more expensive than white or grey taxis.

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