Festivals in Seoul

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The city of festivals, Seoul, is a place where all the elements of divinity, celebration, accomplishment and contentment are present in equal balance lending it a multi cultural and multi colored cosmic aura. Festivals are essential events in Seoul, as opposed to most cities which are known for one or two major festive occasions. They take place all throughout the year in the city and range from religious gatherings and artistic celebrations to media and even tourism centric events.

Seoul Lunar New Year

Seoul Lunar New Year takes place in January or February and is one of the most important festivals of Seoul. It is their new year and many ‘Seoulites’ conduct sacred rites in reverence to their ancestors. The Seollal as it is referred to offers a wide variety of special cultural programs. The Gyeongbokgung palace which also houses a couple of museums organizes information programs on traditional rituals and games.  The Unhyeongung palace offers traditional plays and family oriented programs for this festival. There are village themes as well with Namsangol traditional village offering information on how to conduct oneself at the Charye table and perform rituals for the ancestors. National Folk Museum and Amusement Parks also have their own agenda for this festival.

Lotus Lantern Festival

Lotus Lantern Festival held in early May celebrates Lord Buddha’s birthday. As a result, it is a popular festival for many Buddhists and the festival lives up to its name. The Jongno Street is mesmerizing with thousands of lotus flowers and infinite lanterns lighting up the stretch of the entire road. The lanterns are made of traditional paper and charm the visitors and exhibit the splendor and beauty hidden in traditional Asian rituals.

Hi Seoul Festival

Hi Seoul Festival was initially started to commemorate 600 hundred years of Seoul as the capital of South Korea. Held four times a year, in spring, summer, autumn and winter, this festival is one of joy, art and colors, where the city symbolically holds and reinforces its legacy all throughout the year. The nine day festival has a great variety ranging from concerts on the Korean empire and plays on the lifestyle of the Korean royal family to parties at night, fairs and even cooking events to taste the royal cuisine. In short it is a festival that presents the best of South Korea and Seoul.

Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival

Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival is a six day festival involving a lot of animation movie watching and live cartoon parading and is held in the month of August every year.

Prehistoric Cultural Festival and Seoul Tano Festival

Prehistoric Cultural Festival and Seoul Tano Festival in June are other major festivals that highlight Seoul’s cultural specialty and love for fun filled family events.

There are many more art and dance festivals and invariably tourists all through the year could find themselves in the midst of a celebration or festival making Seoul a truly colorful and buzzing city.

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