Family Travel Ideas in Seoul

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With a bustling population of over 10 million, Seoul is one of the busiest cities in terms of shopping and entertainment in all of South Korea. The modern city is rich in culture and history, and should be your travel destination if you are looking for a place with sumptuous food and a vigorous nightlife. Here's a brief travel guide on making the most of your family vacation in Seoul.

Joseon Palace Museum

Seoul is rich in heritage and culture, which is why most of the tourist spots are palaces and museums. Joseon Palace Museum was first used by the Joseon Dynasty in 1592. The palace is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is also near the Korean Folk Museum. The spot is so popular that it's a favorite location for shooting Korean Television dramas.

Everland and Lotte World

A family vacation is incomplete without a visit to the most famous theme parks in Seoul. Two of the most famous theme parks are Everland and Lotte World. Dubbed as the Korean version of world-famous Disneyland, Everland is accessible by buses from different parts of the city. The theme park also has a miniature zoo for the kids to see the lion-tiger hybrid.  Lotte World, on other hand, is an indoor amusement park that is actually considered one of the world's largest. Apart from rides, the place also has a Korean museum where kids can learn about the ancient history of Korea.

Spas and Saunas

After a long day of walking around the city, there's nothing like pampering yourself with a massage and a luxurious spa service. Luckily, Seoul has a wide array of spas and massage rooms that are also available for overnight stay. Two of the places in Seoul are the Spa Grand Hyatt Seoul and Park Club Spa and Fitness Center.


Before leaving Seoul, why not buy souvenirs for yourself and your friends from the art galleries and shops? You can definitely find something for everyone in Seoul from cultural souvenirs to vintage toys. After shopping, you can also tour the nearby tea and coffee shops and bistros in the area to taste authentic Korean cuisine. Insa-dong is one of the most famous spots for first-timers to enjoy tea in South Korea.

When planning your travel itinerary to Seoul, be sure to try a little bit of everything--from Korean cuisine and shopping to cultural attractions and modern theme parks to experience an enjoyable family vacation.

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