Cruises in Seoul

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Seoul is the ideal destination for tourists who are looking for the right mix between history, culture and entertainment. The capital of Korea is filled with numerous palaces and museums to learn about Korean history as well as modern entertainment and shopping districts. If you are planning a cruise itinerary anytime soon, here's a guide on why you should give Seoul a visit.

14-Night Cruise

Princess Cruises is one of the cruise lines that list Seoul in their journey. The 14-night China and Japan Explorer cruise aboard the Ocean Princess has an itinerary which visits parts of China, Russia, Seoul, and finally, Japan. The cruise starts from Shanghai, China, which is a cosmopolitan city in China and proceeds to explore the entire country for 4 days. From Shanghai, it spends 1 full day in Dalian, China, which is surrounded by beaches and where festivals are usually held. The next stop is the cruise port of Beijing. Apart from the long history that the city has to offer, the travelers can also enjoy the modern development in the city.

After China, it's time for Seoul. Because the cruise only spends approximately 3 days in South Korea, make sure to visit Kyongbok Palace which has different folklore museums and pavilions. The gardens and parks are perfect for their peaceful scenery and relaxed atmosphere. Be sure to include the Secret Garden in your Seoul itinerary as well.  After Seoul, the cruise then proceeds to Vladivostock, Russia, and the cities Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Osaka and to its final destination in Tokyo Japan.

Short Han River Cruise

The Han River Boat Cruise allows the first-time Seoul visitors to enjoy the city's riverfront areas. The best time to visit the Han River cruise is during the summer to enjoy the river’s breeze and warm winds. Yeoido, which is the most popular departure point, is perfect for bikers and inline skaters, as there are paved pathways along the river.

Nothing is more romantic than breathtaking views like the sunset just before dinner and watching the city lights from the ferry. The view from the ferry is spectacular and is the primary reason why couples have a great time during the cruise. To cap the evening off, enjoy a lavish dinner at several floating restaurants which have a very luxurious atmosphere with some stunning views. Reservations can be made from the ferry ports in Seoul--Yeouido and Jinseong Port--throughout the day.

When planning an Asian vacation cruise, Seoul in Korea is a good option for its 600-year old history and a rich, eclectic culture.

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