Beaches in Seoul

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Korea is bordered by ocean on three sides, offering plenty of beaches for both Koreans and visitors to soak up some sun and water. The beach season runs from July to August, when Korea’s temperatures peak. However, anytime of the year is a good time to enjoy warm rays and water of Seoul Beaches

Located in Northwest Korea, Seoul is a landlocked city. Therefore, visitors need to escape from the city heat to indulge in warm and breezy beaches. Those looking for a day of fun do not have to look too far. Korea’s West Sea is an easy distraction and accessible by both car and train. Many Seoul locals find this an easy option of relaxation for those who only have a day to spoil themselves. No matter what beach you choose, you will always find a picturesque sunset, exciting water sport activities, and a close up look at the ecological marine life of the area.

Daecheon Beach

A Seoul Beaches intro would include Daecheon Beach, one of Korea’s most popular and largest public beaches. It is also the farthest beach from Seoul. The long distance is well worth the venture, as fine sand beaches and calm waves are a hit for seniors and children. The sand is made up of eroded seashells, creating delicately soft sand that cleans off easily. For those who make the long trek and wish to have a little more time, a campsite is option for overnight visits. Every year Daecheon Beach holds a Festival, yacht races and additional events. All year round people enjoy the famous Boryeong mud baths on the west side of the beach.

Muchangpo Beach

Muchangpo Beach is one of Korea’s most interesting beaches on Korea’s West Sea. Twice monthly the tide causes the sea to part. Creating a “Miracle of Moses,” visitors can hike the pathway when this occurs to a small island off the shore called Seokdaedo. While walking the path, catch lunch by grabbing octopus, snails or other seafood. Guests can still partake in fishing and swimming regardless of this event taking place or not. Stunning seashells can also be found and are a wonderful gift to share with family and friends at home. The sunset is particularly stunning here. The setting sun adds an unforgettable glow to the beach.

Eurwangni Beach

Eurwangni Beach is one of the most popular beaches of the area. The soft, white sandy beach is met by long rows of pine trees. There are also beautiful rocks and stones lining the edges of the beach. Capable of holding 30,000 people, the beach is commonly visited by Koreans and tourists alike. The beautiful beach has shallow waters, making it a wonderful option for families with small children. Boat rentals and fishing are also available to make everyone’s day trip a little more adventurous. Lodging is accessible, along with public shower rooms, lockers, and parking.

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