7 Day Itinerary in Seoul

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It's easy to get lost in the grand city of Seoul when you have a week to explore, but there are definitely a few places that you're going to want to see if you're to truly make the most of your trip. For those who are looking for a varied and exciting trip to the capital of South Korea, here's a 7 day Seoul Itinerary that will at least get you started, if not see you through.

Day 1 - The Palaces

Start off your trip with a view of Korean architecture that doesn't include towering skyscrapers. The five palaces in Seoul were constructed and used by the emperors during the Joseon Dynasty. Gyeongbokgung sees a changing of the royal guard every day and also contains the National Folk Museum and the National Palace Museum on its premises. Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung, Deoksugung and Gyeonghuigung are all equally impressive but contain enough differences to make them all worth visiting.

Day 2 - The Museums

The Korean War Memorial Museum is very well done and worth a quick spin through at its Yongsan location. The National Museum is also located in Yongsan. Nearby Hannam-dong contains the Lee Samsun Museum of Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Gyeonggi gives you a different view of the art world that's also worth a visit.

Day 3 - Lotte World

Spend a day catering to the child within with a stop at Lotte World, Seoul's indoor amusement park. In the warmer months the outdoor rides are also going, but it's the indoor complex that really impresses. Apart from the usual roller coasters and theme park rides are a bowling alley, ice skating rink, karaoke rooms, shopping mall, water slide park and hotel. Colorful characters roam around to entertain your inner kid.

Day 4 - Spa Time

Many of Seoul's hotels house grand spas that offer everything from foot massages to hydrating color therapy pools. You can book facials, body massages, couple massages or scrubs, and the more posh of the spas will allow you to do all of this while watching television on private plasma screen televisions. If you're pressed for cash, you might try the local jjimjilbangs, public bath houses where you can get a full body scrub and massage for as little as $20.

Day 5 - Seoul Heights

Start off with a trip to the 63 Building where you can tour the aquarium-complete with Dr. Fish!, a movie at the IMAX cinema. Then you can ascend to the Observatory Tower to get a fantastic view of the city and the Han River. Before sunset head out to Seoul Tower to take the cable car to the top for some beautiful photographs.

Day 6 - Nightlife

Sleep in today so that you can head out to Itaewon for some great food and shopping in the many pubs and restaurants that line the streets. There you'll also find discount (or knock-off) western clothing and a score of tailors ready to make you a custom suit. You can also visit Hongdae to get a feel for Korean dance clubs.

Day 7 - Shopping

You can't leave without picking up a few souvenirs, so head out to Myeong-dong for some of the best shopping in all of Korea. Afterward, carry on to Insadong for authentic Korean trinkets that range from hand bags to jewelry boxes and pipes. Just remember to haggle.

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