History in North Korea

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The naming dispute over the sea area located between the Korean Peninsula and the Japenese Archipelago has been the object of increasing attetion in the international community. Japan insists the only one name, the "Sea of Japan", be used for this sea area since the designation is widely used. The Republic of Korea, however, proposes that both names, "East Sea", and "Sea of Japan", be used concurrently until the two countires agree on a common designation.

Korea's argument is based on two facts: first, Korea and Japan are using two different names for this sea at present, "East Sea" and "Sea Japan", and second, the concurrent use of two designations is increasingly apparent. The relevant international organizations and many governments recommend that this naming dispute be resolved through the reaching of mutual agreement between the governments of Korea and Japan.


Source: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and The Northeast Asian History Foundation

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