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shinjuku at night

shinjuku at night

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The Shinjuku Hotel experience is one that is characterised by lots of luxury and style. The hotels reflect the variety of people in the town. Shinjuku has the most foreign nationals living in Japan than in any other city. The city offers different entertainment venues and an efficient transportation system.

Shinjuku Prince Hotel

This hotel is near the Shinjuku station and because of this most of the town is only a few minutes away when using public transportation. The Shinjuku Prince Hotel has different room styles and sizes;the Single Room, Universal Room, Suite Room and Double Room.

The rates vary from time to time depending on the number of rooms available. The Fuga-Wafu is a Japanese Style bar and restaurant found on the 25th floor of the hotel. It costs $3,000 Yen to eat lunch and $6,000 Yen to eat dinner.

There is also a Prince Salon that serves as a mini-mall where people can buy jewelry, apparel and designer handbags. The cheapest room goes for $8,000 Yen. The Shinjuku Hotel Experience is best when the prices are low.

Keio Plaza Hotel

This hotel has 1,400 rooms available for its guests. The Plaza Premier is the most inexpensive of the rooms in the hotels, this room can have 1 or 2 beds. Keio Plaza hotel also has 3 Japanese Style rooms. The rooms have complimentary wake up calls, Internet access and cable television.The cost for a single family room is $26,000 Yen.

There are different types of restaurants in Keio Plaza Hotel. People can indulge themselves in the variety of cuisine. The hotel's restaurants serve: tempura, sushi,Korean barbecue and gourmet food. There is also a bar and a coffee house. During happy hour people can enjoy singing Karaoke.

Keio Plaza hotel has 40 meeting rooms of different sizes to designed to assist the traveller that is on a bussines trip. People can take advantage of using the meeting rooms if they do not want to leave the hotel.

Shekitei-Shinjuku Okubu

This hostel is one of the most inexpensive places to stay in Shinjuku. The rooms are all Japanese Style and  the sink, bath and restroom is not included in the service. There are many in-room facilities offered by the hostel. This are television, internet, telephone and a desk.

People have to book in advance to receive an special rate and no credit cards nor checks are accepted. People need to pay cash only. This hotel is good at saving money making the Shinjuku Hotel experience more affordable.

Shinjuku west of the station and Shinuku east of the station are probably as different as east and west Berlin once were. Nishi (West) is full of skyscrapers and other high rise buildings. From a distance it looks like an immensely big forest of trees without branches. East of the station is a lively quarter that revolves about one thing: party all night.

When you visit Shinjuku, it is advisable not to try and go there during rush hour. The station is the most busy in Tokyo - which means the most busy on the planet. It can take ages to get from one side to the other. Places to stock up on film and other technological gadgets are Sakuraya, Bic Camera and Yodobashi Cameras.

Places to shop abound in this popular area. A huge 100Yen shop can be found on the 7th floor of the department store above the Seibu train line Shinjuku station. A large collection of foreign language books can be found at Kinokuniya store, just head for Takashimaya department store, walk through Tokyu Hands and accross the above the street walkway from (possibly) level 5 of Tokyu Hands to Level 6 of Kinokuniya book store. Kinokuniya has a fabulous selection of books on Japan, including english anime. Tokyu Hands offers an array of quirky products, you can even get your own Japanese name stamp made for you, taking only one hour and about 600Yen.



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