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Shibuya Lights

Shibuya Lights


The Shibuya Hotel experience is one of a kind. There are many different accommodations for tourists and many different views. Hotels are clean and they are near by places of interests and are easily accessible by taxi cab or by bus.

The Cerulian Tower Hotel

There are many different kinds and size of rooms in the Hotel. Rates start at $45,000 Yen for a single occupancy room and up to $45,000 Yen for a single occupancy Cerulian Tower Suite. The meals are prepared all day long and they are made up to the best quality standards. Room service includes French Style cuisine, Japanese Style cuisine and traditional Chinese cuisine. The Shibuya hotel experience is best with the low prices of the hotel.

People who are health oriented and that like to work out can visit the hotel's Fitness Club.  There is an extra charge of $21,000 Yen for using the hotel's gym. Guests are welcome to work out and to relax while using the facility, however people under the age of 18 are not allowed to visit the Gym.

Hotel Century Southern Tower

This hotel is 19 stories high and it has 375 rooms. The hotel has different rooms that are simple and inexpensive as the Single Room and as expensive as the Executive Twin. The rate for a Single occupant in the Single Room is $16,000 Yen and the rate for the Executive Twin is $55,000 Yen.People that travel in a family group can request an extra bed to be added to the room for an additional $2,1000 Yen and baby beds are complimentary.

Guests can enjoy the high-speed Internet service that is offered at the hotel free or charge. When people are bored and they have to stay in the hotel they can watch video on demand. This service is charged extra. The 21st floor has a multi-purpose room where seminars and banquets can be held.

Shibuya Tokyo Inn

This hotel is not as expensive as the others. The ongoing rate for a single room is $9,300 Yen.The hotel is made up up 223 rooms in 13 floors. The hotel has most of the amenities that the other hotels offer, such as: cable TV, high speed Internet service and even banquet halls.

The hotel is nearby different rail lines that help travelers move around the city in and efficient manner. This hotel is close to shopping centers, the airport and various night clubs. This is just a taste of the Shibuya Hotel experience.


Shibuya is the most trendy place in Tokyo and probably the most trendy place East of London. It's always busy, always crowded and there is always something unexpected going on.

It mostly attracts young people who want to have a good time. Shibuya is just about that. The place to go is Hachiko Plaza, which is close to ths Shibuya station and where you will find a small statue of the dog Hachiko. This is one of the best places to meet friends before a night on the town. Gaspanic is close to the station and is a bar where your drink never leaves your hand because the punishment is to be kicked out onto the streets!

The whole area of Shibuya only gained its popularity after the 1923 earthquake when people from Tokyo slowly started to move to the west of the City. The cut throat competition between department stores of Tokyu and Seibu, with each trying to offer a more complete shopping experience than the other, has played a big role in the popularity of Shibuya. If you have a map you can walk to Harajuku which is less than 15min from Shibuya.

Also be sure not to miss the Meiji Shrine, an important shrine in a nice park. It is located in Shibuya ward but a bit north of the Shibuya area. Take a train to Harajuku Station and walk towards Yoyogi park. The Meiji Shrine is right near there.


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