Roppongi Travel Guide

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almond cafe roppongi

almond cafe roppongi

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Roppongi is an international district filled with restaurants, discos bars clubs and shops. the international flavour of this part of Tokyo probably goes back to the days when Tsukiji was assigned a foreign settlement and this was where all foreigners had to live. When they were free to move elsewhere Japanese came in, but the international atmosphere still lingers.

Most of the things you will be wanting to do in Roppongi have to do with eating, drinking or going out, probably. So we would like to advise you to check these sections for more info. Try not to miss the Tsukiji Market, the Kyu Shiba Rikyu or the Hama Rikyu garden. You will not be able to miss Tokyo tower, the bigger (but younger) brother of the Eiffel Tower. Every year more than 3 million people go to the top to get a view of Tokyo.

If you want to see something really amazing, you should go up the 58 floors of the Mori Tower, one of the higher skyscrapers of Tokyo. You can move around the tower and see all the area of Tokyo until Odaiba and, if the weather is fine you can even see a very small mount Fuji.

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