Nightlife and Entertainment in Tokyo

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Tokyo at Night

Tokyo at Night

Tokyo sheds its daytime nondescript garb with élan and miraculously metamorphoses into a spirited blob of light, energy and vivacity in the night. The Tokyo Nightlife guide gives you in-depth information on the activities, hotspots and events that line-up the party scene of one of the most bizarre and buzzing cities in the world.


The skyline of Tokyo looks resplendent after sunset, with gigantic neon lights and skillfully crafted oriental paper lanterns ornamenting its streets. It is often touted as the city that resolutely refuses to sleep after toiling hard throughout the day. The elevating and positive nightlife is often cited as the reason behind Tokyo’s  augmented productivity by ‘feel good’ sociologists. Entertainment districts are operational even until  5 am, when hardcore party buffs are frantically catching the first subway to head back home. Tokyo’s nightlife profile comprises of a motley of gay bars , dance clubs, special musical performances (including reggae, jazz, blues), adult shows and a bevy of other enticing spots and events. This is a city that will drive you crazy in the night and without any indication bring to back to being somber by the day.

Where to Head

The most popular nightlife district in Tokyo are Ginza, Roppangi and Kabuki-cho. The atmosphere in these hubs can be deluging for the slow paced visitor. Absorb the fervor and gaiety of the region and within minutes this becomes the most familiar and enjoyable destination that will leave you coming back for more. The geisha bars are very popular with locals and have at their helm traditional Japanese hostesses entertaining guests with  musical performances and striking stand-up comedy. These can be extremely expensive and tourists have restricted access to a geisha bar. There are other hostess bars as well that queue up the brightly lit streets of Tokyo. A hostess is more of a companion in these bars who will take care of serving you and share the drinks with you, while listening to your stories and concerns. A lot of locals and tourists also crowd the western-style clubs and bars that are huddled around the Roppongi area. Some bars serve excellent local snacks and are termed ‘Yakitori ya’ after a famous regional delicacy. Live music destinations and discotheques are another popular haunt for the younger party brigade. For the more risqué ones, there are hordes of adult show bars, massage centers, erotic and topless clubs that are splashed all over the Kabuki-cho region.

Tokyo by far offers one of the most eclectic night life options and is shaped by a thoroughly enjoyable and spirited nocturnal identity.

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