7 Day Itinerary in Tokyo

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Coming up with a 7-day Tokyo itinerary can seem a bit daunting due to the sheer size of this mega metropolis. Here's an example Tokyo itinerary that's sure to get you started on the right path when planning your trip.

Day 1 - Tokyo Tower

When you first arrive in a new place it's always a good idea to get a lay of the land. Why not do so with a bird's eye view? First, head up the tower to the observatory to catch a glimpse of the city in daylight. Visit the aquarium, the wax museum and the Guinness World Records Museum among others. You can also have a bite to eat at any of the numerous cafes and restaurants. Don't forget to venture back upstairs for a fantastic sunset view.

Day 2 - Ueno Park

Take the metro out to Ueno to visit the Tokyo National Museum, National Science Museum, Orient Museum, Shitamachi Museum or the art galleries. There is also a zoological garden on the premises, as well as multiple shrines and plenty of street vendors to satisfy your food cravings. It's beautiful at any time of year, but visiting in the spring is a special treat due to the hundreds of cherry trees.

Day 3 - Shibuya

A must see is the intersection at Shibuya station, the busiest in the world and crossed by multitudes of people at every change of the lights. Venture up to Starbucks to look down on the throngs before crossing yourself to visit such sights as the Tobacco and Salt Museum and Hachiko Statue before doing some shopping in the area.

Day 4 - Tsukiji Market

Don't stay out too late on the third night because you're going to want to get up bright and early for the 5:30 a.m. tuna auction (please note that you'll have to watch from the outskirts) before browsing the fish for sale in the market. When you've gotten your fill of the spectacle you can get your fill of the best sushi in Tokyo in the surrounding restaurants.

Day 5 - Mt. Fuji

Head out of town to get up close and personal with this dormant volcano. The best views are from Fuji Five Lake and the Hakone Hot Spring Resort. In July and August the more adventurous can arrange to climb the volcano.

Day 6 - Asakusa

You're definitely going to want to visit Asakusa Shrine, one of the most beautiful in Tokyo. Wash in the water or waft a bit of smoke toward yourself for good luck, and don't forget to toss a few coins at the shrine. The gate that leads to the shrine is also an impressive work of art. There are plenty of streets around the shrine that are great for exploring as well.

Day 7 - Sumo Museum

You can't create a Tokyo itinerary without a bit of sumo, so head out to Ryogoku station to tour the Sumo Museum. You'll get the added treat of seeing the tournaments if you happen to visit at the right time of year, but it's still always worth the trip to see the videos and the sumo paraphernalia.

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