Ryukyu islands Travel Guide

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Aharen beach,Tokashiki isl.Okinawa

Aharen beach,Tokashiki isl.Okinawa


The Ryukyu islands, also known as the South-West islands are located in the south-west of the archipelago.

Okinawa is the largest and most famous of the Ryukyu islands. It is a popular tourist destination for the Japanese who live on mainland Japan. Many of the island's resort hotels can be found in the northern half of the island.  Okinawa is also home to many U.S. military bases; Air Force (Kadena Air Base), Marines (Camp Foster is one of many), Army (Torii Station) and Navy (Camp Shields) can all be found here. Naha City is in the southern end of the island. There you will find the airport, monorail, and other "city-life" amenities. 

Miyako island is much smaller. It has beaches with some good diving, and also some remnants of the native Ryukyu culture. 

Even further south are the Yaeyama islands, Ishigaki and Iriomote; both great places for diving.

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