Fukuoka Travel Guide

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Restaurant near a temple.

Restaurant near a temple.


Fukuoka City (Fukuoka is the name of the Prefecture), is the largest city in Kyushu. It has the bustle of Tokyo without the hustle.

Much like Nagasaki, Fukuoka has been a gateway to the world. It is the closest major city in Japan to Korea. In fact, it is closer to Seoul, South Korea geographically than it is to Tokyo.

Perhaps due to its historical contact to the rest of the world, the people of Fukuoka are a very warm and outgoing people. They speak a dialect known as Hakata-ben, which is named after Hakata, the merchant town located outside of the Castle town of Fukuoka. Today Hakata is part of Fukuoka.   

Every year it hosts an annual Gion festival where huge ornately decorated floats are paraded through the streets.

When in Fukuoka, be sure to try the Hakata ramen, which is a pork based noodle soup. With its milky colored broth and straight noodles, the ramen is quite different from the typical Tokyo style Shoyu ramen.

Fukuoka is also the home to the Softbank Hawks, a professional baseball team.


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