Kyushu Travel Guide

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Nagasaki Peace A-bomb Memorial Statue

Nagasaki Peace A-bomb Memorial Statue

Jenifer Bianchi

Kyushu is the southernmost island of the four main islands of Japan. Although the island is a bit isolated with respect to events in Honshu, it is a major point of entry for influences from the outside world. Kyushu is close to China and South Korea and for centuries it was the sole link with "the West."

It's most recognized city is Nagasaki, one of the two places bombed by the United States in "World War II" with a nuclear bomb. Kagoshima and Kumamoto have interesting castles and gardens. Mt Aso is great for hiking.

In the north Fukuoka City/Hakata is the main point of entry. Ferries to Okinawa leave from here, and the Shinkansen trains from Tokyo Odaiba arrive here.

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