Kunitachi, Tokyo Travel Guide

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About 40 minutes west of metro Tokyo on the Chuo Line is Kunitachi City, a college town home to Hitotsubashi University. The station that was once one of the oldest in Japan was replaced in 2008, but there is still a small traffic circle from which roads radiate outwards to the south. Kunitachi is more spacious and green than many other station towns between Tachikawa (the next station west) and Tokyo, which is perhaps one reason why rent in Kunitachi tends to be slightly above average for the region.

Kunitachi is best known for its broad cherry-tree lined Daigaku Dori (roughly, "University Road") that goes straight south from the station to Yaho. When the cherry trees are in bloom, varying from late March to early April, swarms of sightseers and tourists descend on Kunitachi to walk beneath the cherry blossoms, which continue for about a kilometer.

About 300 meters south of the station, Hitotsubashi University is split by Daigaku Dori, but both sides of the campus are heavily wooded with attractive brick buildings from the late Meiji Era. The university's library is open to the public, though you have to fill in a small card to enter. Because the university's library is designated as a special repository for foreign language materials, the selection of periodicals is quite broad, though many are highly technical academic journals.


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