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Akarenga Sogo

Akarenga Sogo

Takimoto Yugo

  • Only 32 kilometers from Tokyo, Yokohama is Japan's second-largest city. A cosmopolitan port city with an interesting history, it easily merits a visit from the capital.
  • It was in Yokohama that Commodore Matthew Perry landed with his 'black ships' in 1853 to force Japan to open up to foreign trade. A mere village at the time, Yokohama soon grew into one of Asia's major ports, with an atmosphere not unlike that of a frontier town in the American "Wild West." Today Yokohama remains a very international city.
  • Many of the sights in Yokohama are close to the waterfront, Minato Mirai is the futuristic heart of the area. The ever-changing area features many shops, restaurants, a maritime museum (partially housed in a historic ship) and a museum of modern art. Within easy walking distance are the Akarenga - a pair of early 20th-century, red-brick warehouses recently converted into boutiques and dining places. Unquestionably the biggest draw for Japanese tourists is the much-hyped Chukagai (Chinatown) south of the old center. Although mostly a modern district now, it has retained a picturesque, Chinese-style temple and offers a myriad of popular - if pricey - restaurants.
  • Yokohama's greatest foreign legacy can be found in the Yamate district overlooking the port and providing good views towards Minato Mirai. Set on a terraced hill beside the slick shopping district of Motomachi is the old Foreigners' Cemetery, which is riddled with Christian crosses and elaborate mausoleums. The winding streets leading away on the hilltop beyond are still dotted with old, Western-style houses -  attractions that are arguably more interesting to domestic tourists than those from abroad.
  • One of the most interesting places elsewhere in the city is without a doubt Sankei-en, a haven of peace in the big city. The garden consists of a collection of historic buildings moved there from elsewhere in Japan. The surrounding landscaped grounds are very pretty as well and, as always, best seen in springtime.

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