Tomari Travel Guide

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Tomari is a small village located at the western point of Hokkaido.  Tomari is a unique village that has a nuclear Powerstation in Hokkaido.  So Tomari is known as the origin of energy in Hokkaido.

If you want to learn more about nuclear power, you should go to...

  • Tomarin-kan, a public relations museum of a nuclear power plant
  • Hokkaido Nuclear Energy Environmental Reserch Center  

And Tomari is also famous for seafood.  Tomari is a Southern part of the Shakotan Peninsula.  It is surrounded by clear and clean sea, it raises plenty of life under the sea.  If you like "Uni", seasoned sea-urchin eggs, you'll have gotten to be satisfied with its fresh and creamy taste. 

If you want to taste delicious meals, you should go to...

  • Heiansou Inn
  • Restaurant Uminari


Anyway if you become interested in Tomari village, please come to Tomari now!

The access to Tomari from Sapporo

  1. Get on the express bus "Iwanai-go" at Sapporo Station Bus Terminal.
  2. Get off the bus at the final destination, Iwanai Terminal.
  3. Transfer to a local bus bound for "Sakazuki Onsengai", "Ohmori", "Kawashira", or "Shakotan Kamui-misaki".
  4. Get off the following stops.
  • Kashiwagi, the nearest stop of "Hokkaido Nuclear Energy Environmental Reserch Center"
  • Genshiryoku PR Center, the nearest stop of "Tomarin-kan"
  • Horikappu, the nearest stop of "Heiansou Inn"
  • Tomari Yakuba-mae, the nearest stop of "Restaurant Uminari"


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