Day Trips in Japan

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Planning Japan day trips will enable you to fit more memorable experiences into your trip to the country. Because Japan is an island nation, it's not especially simple to get to a nearby location for just a day, but if you count areas of Japan outside of the mainland (Japan is actually made up of almost 7000 islands, most of which are extremely small) as getaway day trips, as do most of the Japanese, these make for eventful day trips.


Okinawa is a small island located almost 1000 miles southwest of Tokyo and far from the mainland of Japan that's only reachable by plane or ship. It's perhaps famous for long being occupied by the Americans post-WWII and still has a prominent American military base today. Okinawa is a popular vacation destination even for the Japanese because of its subtropical temperatures (the lowest average temperature is about 60degrees Fahrenheit, and that's just during winter) and picturesque beaches. Scuba diving, fishing and surfing are three popular activities on the island.

Okinawa makes a great destination for any traveler looking for a place to relax who's fond of beaches, swimming and warm temperatures. Be warned, though, that the price tag on traveling to the island might make it less suited for a day trip and more suited for a trip that takes a couple of days. Round-trip plane tickets from Tokyo can cost somewhere around $800 but the flight lasts only about 2 1/2 hours one way. Taking a cruise from Tokyo takes somewhere around 44 hours one way and only saves you around half the cost.

Seoul, South Korea

One popular day trip destination completely out of the country is Seoul, South Korea, which you can reach by plane in a little over 2 hours from Tokyo. Seoul is a large city, so if you find you like Tokyo, you may want to try Seoul. Likewise, if you crave some more scenic fare after spending so much time in the crowded city of Tokyo, Seoul might not be the best idea.

While in Seoul, you can spend a day shopping, hiking through the beautiful parks, such as Bugaksan and visiting historical locations, such as Gyeonbok Palace and Bukchon Village. Seoul makes a great destination for travelers who want to see another part of Asia while on their trip, particularly after spending upwards of 10 to 15 hours just to get around the globe to Japan in the first place. However, round-trip plane tickets from Tokyo to Seoul cost about $660 on average, so you might want to set aside a few days for the trip to make the cost more worthwhile, especially if seeing South Korea is really important to you.

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