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XiaoLan Chrysanthemum Exhibition

XiaoLan Chrysanthemum Exhibition


Any Zhongshan Travel Guide needs to start by explaining the name of this place. Zhong Shang is the name of a doctor who fought to end the rule of the emperors and make China move forward into modernity. The name Zhong Shan is also applied to important roads, parks, and schools all over China. In a way China pays homage to Dr. Sun Yet the same way America pays homage to George Washington.

Xianxhai Park

This park is has a beach and an aquarium. The waters have a turquoise color and the cliffs make an amazing view. The waters are calmed and the waves do not hit hard. Thanhai Cave is visible from the beach. People can enjoy seeing the marine life of this peninsula in Sun Asia Ocean World. The aquarium has a tunnel that goes underwater to allow patrons to view the fish up close.

Tourists can reach the park by bus. Bus lines 406,23 and 901 can take tourists to this park.

Local Cuisine

The local cuisine of Zhong Shan has been dominated by seafood. However the influx of tourists from all over the world has been able to change the variety and the food that different restaurants offer. 

Wanbao Seafood Restaurant is one of the most  famous restaurants and patrons can enjoy the steamed scallops. The dish is steamed with lima beans, a variety of sauces and wines and served with vegetables and egg whites. Patrons need to take bus line number 22 or 406 to reach the restaurant that is near Labour Park.

Zhong Shan Hotels

One of the cheapest hotels in the area is Wu Yi International Hotel. The hotel offers the standard room service and a mini bar. The hotel is comprised of 180 rooms, a fitness center and a sauna.

This hotel is not very expensive compared to other hotels because the cheapest room goes for HK$20,000.  Patrons can take the bus line number 23 to reach the hotel.

Night Life

One of the best night clubs in Zhong Shan is the Baby Face Night Club. The crowd is a mix of tourists and locals dancing to loud music and drinking. The night club has many different celebrations and themes. On special occasions there are go-go dancers.

It is recommended that people travel in groups during night time when trying to reach the club. Patrons can hire a taxi cab or request a shuttle from their hotel.

One of the economic boomtowns of Guangdong province, Zhong Shan is in a county  of 1.3 million people, with an additional 1 million migrant workers. Zhong Shan is in the Pearl River delta, roughly halfway between Macau and Guangzhou (Canton). From Hong Kong, you can reach Zhong Shan  directly by ferry, or go through nearby border crossing at Zuhai.

Zhong Shan has an active and prosperous industrial environment, including some of the world's largest shoe factories. However, it still manages to maintain an orderly pace of development. The roads are relatively well-maintained and modern highway construction seems to be a never-ending project here.

There are quite a few wealthy local people around, but they are still rather down to earth compared to the wealthy people in bigger cities. The growing downtown has some impressive neon, a European-style pedestrian promenade and at least 1 Western-operated bar, called Friends Bar, that's been around for ages. The bar is located between the International Hotel and the Fuhua Hotel.

The area in central Zhong Shan county is relative hilly, with a hot spring resort that is popular with tourists. It also has some rather pleasant countryside by southern China's standards. During weekends, Zhong Shan is popular with Hong Kong sightseers as it is the home town of the first president of the Chinese republic, Sun Zhong Shan (also known as Sun Yat-Sen).


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