Internet Cafes in Shangri-La

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The chinese part of town has a plethora of internet cafes full of teenage boys playing online games, often at extreme volumes.  Since the internet connection in these cafes are shared between many computers, page load times can be very slow, especially to servers located in Europe.  Your best bet for a fast connection is to find a guesthouse or bar that has a dedicated ADSL connection.  Several such places provide internet services free of charge for customers.

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Treehouse Cafe/Bar

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The Treehouse Cafe/Bar, located in the old town, has internet access and laptop/pda wireless access, both of which are free for customers.

type:Internet Cafe
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address:Jin Long Jie
hours:11 a.m. - 12 a.m.
price:Free For Customers
tel:+86 (0887) 8231296
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