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case in a bid to seek a way out of its crisis. The Japanese poniticials have so far considered the abduction issue as a main lever for improving their political images as they are characterized by hypocrisy and conspiratorial plots. The right-wing conservative forces of Japan used the non-existent abduction issue of the DPRK as a justification and a ground for asserting their entity whenever they found themselves in a crisis at home and abroad. Now the support rate for the present Cabinet of Japan is rapidly sinking. The Noda government has been thrown into mayhem by the ever-deepening crisis caused by factional strife over the issue of passing the bill on increasing taxes through the Diet and other issues.Whenever the political situation gets unsteady, the right-wing poniticials used to kick off an abduction row in a bid to win popularity by fanning up national chauvinism and anti-DPRK hostility and tide over their crisis. Such guy as Yamatani made no scruple of playing the role of a marionette in such poor farce to improve his image as a Dietman.This is a deplorable reality of the Japanese political camp.People spit at Japan which made much ado about abduction in the U.S. in an effort to weather the political crisis.The right-wing conservative forces of Japan are much upset by the fact that the abduction issue on which they stake their fate had already found solutions and is almost forgotten. So, they wanted to make it workable with the help of the U.S. This is, however, a day- dream. Japan is so pitiful and miserable that it has no political card to play at home and abroad except abduction issue.The abduction issue would no longer be of any help to the Japanese politics as it is ill-famed for hypocrisy and conspiratorial plots.North Korean media is an odd duck and this could as much be an indication of two polar opposite possibilities: (a) they know nothing about this and they want to milk the false accusation for all its worth in order to provide cover for when allegations of abductions are true, and (b) they are hiding something and want to obscure it by vigorous denial. That they also for the Korean hoi polloi to read tends to favor the former possibility, but it is inconclusive.Anyway, I brought it to your attention to let you know that the KCNA in fact is aware of the allegations. Wherever he is, I hope David is soon found safe and sound and brought back to his family. Thoughts and prayers your way.

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