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At Tianchi (heavenly) Lake, Urumqi

At Tianchi (heavenly) Lake, Urumqi

John S. Thomas

Urumqi is the capital of the Xinjiang provinde - an Autonomous region inhabited by the Uyguyr people. Although it occupies one sixth of the surface of China, there are only 16 million people living here.

The sights in the city itself are not spectacular. There is a nine-story Hong Ding Shan Ta pagoda with good views over the city. The Xinjian museum (at132 Northwest road) is very good. Daytrips can be made to Tianshan and Lake Tianzi, 155 south on the way to Kashgar. Think of Lugu Lake with yurts and nomads.

A must see is the Tianchi (Heavenly) Lake, a lake created amongst the mountain tops. It's one of those places where you have to go up (by cable car or road) to see the lake.

Since Urumqi is a border town, there are some interesting markets. There is a Russian one, and a Muslim one (near the Mosque). On the Qiao market you can buy a camel or a horse for onward transport.

You can go to Urumqi by train all the way form Beijing, it's a hard 64 hours, the longest train ride in China. Onward travel takes you to Kasgar by bus, or across the mountains to the Kazakhstan by train or bus.

Or you can travel by plane from Guanzho, a five hour ride.


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