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On the way to Goachang Ruins

On the way to Goachang Ruins

John S. Thomas

Turpan used to be one of the most important cities on the silk road. Today it is a charming, sleepy little town, where donkey carts are still the most common way of transport.

In and around Turpan are many sights that remind you of its earlier fame. The 37 meter high Imam minaret is just 2 km east of twon. Further afield are more spectacular sights. The ghost city of Gaochang, 40 km southeast, had 50,000 inhabitants in the 9-th century. Although it was ravaged by the mongols in the 14-th century, the houses still stand - the roofs are gone however. Use your imagination and you can see a busy market town. Another 8-km trip takes you to the Astana tombs where 500 mummies from the 8-th century are awaiting your visit.

Jaohe is 10 km to the west of Turpan. UNESCO has worked hard on the restoration of this ghost town and a visit (by donkey cart) is well worth your while.

The flaming mountains and the Thousand buddha caves in Pazikelik are to the northeast of turpan, about 20 km. Many grottoes with frescoes and some views over the valley here.

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