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trekking around lake Kalakuli

trekking around lake Kalakuli

John's cafe' kashgar

The oasis of Kasghar with a view of the last tops of West Himalaya is the last stop in China on the Silk Road. From here you can go to Pakistan over the Karakoram or to Kyrgyzstan over the Torugart pass.

Kashgar is mainly interesting for its sunday market. It is big, nay, it is huge. You will feel like you are back in the heyday of the Silk trade. Everywhere, donkeys are sold - and taken for a test drive -, sheep are bought and put on the back of a bicycle to take them home. Fur hats, silver daggers, ancient Korans are on display in small shops. Men and women shout as they haggle over prices.

Getting something to eat is simple, there are foodstalls all over that do shish kebab. local noodles. even you can find   a western style and chinese Cafe, for example at John's Cafe, in the garden of the Seman hotel.

About 4 hours by bus from Kashgar along the Kharakoram Highway you'll get to karakul lake.  The bus is the cheapest way to get there & the lake will offer you a break from the husstle of city life. Dominated by Kongor Ata & Mustagh Ata(both peaks are over 7000m) the lake is a great place for hiking & for a glimpse in to the lives of another of China's ethinic communities- the Kyrgiz, who live close by. Renting a yurt is you best bet for accomodation, although there is a Chinese style hotel on the lake shore but its very over priced. A yurt will set you back 20Y pert person per night. There are no facilities at Karakul & food is best arranged with a local family in the village. During winter, the best time to visit despite the cold, buses run twice a day but may be full & you might have to wait & try again the next day. Despite this inconvenience the lake is guaranteed to be deserted & prices much cheaper.


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