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Globetrotters and holidaymakers who go through the Wuxi Travel Guide and then they will not be able to resist the temptation to visit Wuxi . It is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations as the place is full of scenic beauty. Wuxi is a well-spread out city located on the Yangtze Delta in Jiangsu province in China . The city is close to the famous Shanghai .

While on a sojourn in Wuxi (pronounced "woo-shee")   tourist s should be willing to spend adequate tine to enjoy the many splendors of this enchanting city. Some of the most romantic tourist spots of Wuxi are:

Taihu or Tai Lake

This serene lake is the third biggest fresh water lake and is widely believed to be the one of the most picturesque natural sights of Wuxi .   Surrounding the lake, there are plethora of romantic gardens and exquisite spots that make Wuxi an ideal tourist destination. Adjacent to the lake, there is an elegant water garden to allure passers by.

Li Garden

Li Garden, spread over a vast area of 8.2 hectares, is arguably the most adorable scenic spots in entire China . The garden resembles a peninsula as encircled by water on three of the four sides. The garden is a curious blend of magnificent multi-shaped artificial hills in the central area, few bewitching natural scenic spots to the west and a scintillating long corridor to the east.

Three kingdom city

A peripheral area to the southwest of the city is situated the fabulous Three Kingdoms City - a much sought-after tourist attraction. Three Kingdoms, is a site of great historical significance as the three Kingdoms constitute Wei (220-265), Shu (221-263) and Wu (229-280), the three powerful rival kingdoms at one time.

Spread over a commodious area of more than 80 acres, this city of three Kingdoms is home to several architectural marvels including the royal Palace of Wu, the Ganlu Temple, the Army Camp of Caocao, the widely acclaimed Altar (Seven Star) and the Court of Red Cliffs.

Lingshan Grand Buddha


The imposing Lingshan Grand Buddha measuring 88 meter in height occupies an ageold Xiangxiang Buddhist Temple. The statue was reportedly erected when the temple was renovated. The metallic Buddha figure is made of bronze and tin presumably because bronze is erosion- resistant as well has a tendency to bestow artistic charm. The special significance of this statue is it has been built strictly in accordance with the thirty-two characteristics of the Buddha as mentioned in the sacred texts.

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An attractive array of shops and recreational amenities are available to the more leisurely tourists. There are a plethora of restaurants that serve a variety of local Wuxi food – which are delicious. Hotels abound in Wuxi and one can easily spot accommodation that is convenient as well as affordable. Transportation is no problem as there are well organized bus and train facilities.


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