Getting Around in Wuhan

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The city known as the Homeland of White Clouds and Yellow Crane in China is Wuhan; transportation in this city is relatively easy to come by, but it pays off for travelers to figure out how they will move about the area before they arrive. Take the time to thoroughly consider your strategy for travel so that you don't waste any time that could otherwise be spent sightseeing.


Bicycles are one of the most popular forms of transportation in Wuhan for locals. However, this is not always the best option for tourists. The reasons for this is that bicycles are not the safest mode of transport, and that it can be difficult to navigate between locations while you're on a bicycle. Still, bikes are easy to come by and cheap.


Rental cars are relatively uncommon in Wuhan, unless you're planning to travel to another city in China and need to use the car for an extended trip. However, taxis are quite common throughout the city. Be sure that the taxi is certified and that the driver uses the meter on the taxi when you ride.


Wuhan is a coastal city and has many ferries that operate between it and other major cities throughout China. One of the most scenic means of traveling, ferries are also easy to use, convenient and relatively inexpensive.

If you have a specific travel goal in mind, speak with your hotel representative for additional ideas about how to best meet your goals. Keep in mind also that some areas of Wuhan are good for walking.

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