When to Go in China

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Following is a China when to go guide that will provide tourists with information about the different climates in the country. This will help tourists decide on an appropriate time to visit China.

The Yangtze River is the official dividing line between the north and south of China. On the whole, the climate in the country is dominated by wet monsoons and dry seasons. These tend to result in huge temperature differences in summer and winter. Southern winds that come from coastal regions at lower altitudes during summer are moist and warm. Northern winds that come from high altitude regions in the winter are normally dry and cold. However, the climate in China differs from 1 region to another because of its complex and extensive topography.

Northern China

Summer months in northern parts of China are from May to August. Temperatures in most of these regions rise to about 20 degrees C or slightly more. However, temperatures in Beijing, which is located towards the northeast of China, can rise to about 38 degrees C in the summer. This tends to coincide with the rainy season in the city. Winter in the northern part of China is from December to March. Winters can be biting cold and often drop to about -40 degrees. It is possible for tourists to see snow covered sand dunes in these areas. The city is quite dry and temperatures in Beijing drop to about -20 degrees at night. Spring and autumn are probably the best times to visit the north. Day time temperatures fall between 20 and 30 degrees and drop a great deal at night.

Southern China

The summer season in the south near Guangzhou usually witnesses typhoons from July to September. During these months, temperatures can rise to about 38 degrees. Winters in these areas are quite short, starting in January and ending in March. It isn’t as cold here as compared to the north; however, tourists are advised to bring along warm clothes when visiting this part of China. Sometimes it rains a lot, making the region cold and wet. The best time to visit this part of China is during spring and autumn.

Central China

Summers in the Yangtze River Valley are humid and quite long ranging from April to October. Temperatures are usually very high during this time. Nanjing, Wuhan and Chongqing are 3 cities on the Yangtze River that are known to be very hot during summer. In winter, temperatures drop well below the freezing point and can sometimes be as cold as Beijing. Rainfall in this region is also very unpredictable. On an average, precipitation levels reach to about 30 inches a year.

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